Artwork Description

Bronze / Resin
Edition of 12

The work parodies the South African depictions of political and military leaders on horseback as often seen in innumerable public sculptures. Yet here the masculine supremacist is absent from the tableau, leaving his trusty stead behind, abandoned, in glorious repose.

This simulation is interrupted by black drips that envelopes it from the ground upwards. Redolent of tar the organic forms of the malleable plastic become a skin, slowly morphing the horse into a black beast. Like a grotesque disease the black shapes form alien innards polluting the idealism of the front section, weighing it down violently like death.

Abjectly humanised this pastoral animal is caught in a liminal realm between ascending and descending, the geometric and the organic, architectural perfection and corporeal decay, life and death. It is the self-important iconography of regal hegemony debased.

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