The Foundry

Adriaan Diedericks' studio and bronze foundry in Strand, South Africa is where his sculptures are cast. The facility is fully equipped to handle every stage of production, and guarantees work of the highest quality.

The Process

The casting of bronze objects using the lost wax (cire perdue) method dates back at least 5,000 years. Although some of the techniques and materials have changed over time, much of the process remains the same till this day. The lost wax method is labour intensive and time-consuming process taking roughly 4-6 weeks on average per sculpture.


Stages of Production

The steps involved are:

Model-making, Mouldmaking, Wax, Removal of wax, Chasing, Spruing, Slurry, Burnout, Testing, Pouring, Release, Metal-chasing, Patination

Each step requires specialization and artisanship. Our dedicated team of skilled artisans ensure that all artwork is created with the highest quality standards. Adriaan is involved with every stage of the production process.