Artwork Description

Edition of 12
1550 x 940 x 750 mm



A man sits calmly on a rocky pedestal. His athletic body indicates his readiness, he is in his prime. His body shows no signs of injury or scarring; his skills have protected him thus far. His toned muscles show he has developed his abilities, and not wasted his time.

His posture is relaxed as he gazes to a point in the distance. His left arm and hand are in an ambiguous position of calling to him, or pointing away, both beckoning and directing. His right hand tightly grasps the rock, grounding him. His expression is one of calm certainty. His body is turned slightly towards his point of focus. The smooth surface of the organic figure is contrasted by the jagged hard edges of the rocky pedestal upon which he sits.

Resolution invokes the archetypal figure of a Greco-Roman commander, gazing into the distance towards future conquests and events to come. His gaze is rotated away from what is right in front of him (the present), and he is not distracted but what is behind him (the past). Unlike those foolish enough to focus on the present, he adjusts his gaze towards the future. This deliberate change from the natural is what sets him apart as a leader.

His hand both directs his followers forward, and invites his opposition to face him. He is both chasing and calling towards the future. He is not afraid of the challenge the world represents. He is confident he can face it as he grounds himself on the foundations of his experience, and trusts he will be strong enough to overcome them. Positively, he represents the masculine drive for mastery of surroundings and ability to overcome obstacles. Negatively he represents dominance and hierarchy.